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My wife got a liver transplant earlier this year, and she says "Look at Standy-McGee over there!"

Best of luck, my dude!

My only advice, as the caregiver of someone post-transplant, is to watch your levels and health on your immunosuppressants. Wife's on Mycophenelate, and sirolimus, currently. She had a bad reaction to Tacrolimus, and suffered a PRES seizure. Cyclosporine also gave her a seizure. If you feel a migraine coming on, please seek medical attention immediately. Which immunosuppressants are you on?

Merry Christmas!

BTW - Nice Lexus :P

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She's doing generally well! A few ups and downs, but that's to be expected. She still has the tremors a bit, and minor headaches, and the internal stitches from the PRES seizure-induced hernia she got back in June STILL haven't dissolved lol.

Prograf is otherwise known as Tacrolimus, and we've been off the Prednisone for around 4-6 weeks now! Transplant was in May, and now we're only on two anti-rejects!

Best wishes, my dude! If you're anything like your mom (in this sense, at least), then you're a fuckin' trooper! Keep it up!

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My wife just got diagnosed with minor iga nephropathy, after a liver transplant! Keep up the fight, my dude!

It's really weird for me: my mothers brother's wife has kidney disease, my father was born with one kidney and developed kidney disease, and now what's going on with my wife.

What would you say to, say, one of your loved ones that's freaking out about your situation?

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Nice try, NSA