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Hey, Nick! Thanks for the questions. Our plan to reach that critical mass is to focus on one school/area at a time. It'd be great if it exploded everywhere all at once, but for now we want to get it up and running in one area, and move from there.

Until then, we're hoping that the app is simple enough that it doesn't take too much time to use. It only takes a moment to list a book, and you can leave it there until someone reaches out to you.

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We hope it takes off and we think that it has the potential to take off, but we aren't confident. It's a fun project for us, but we probably don't have the resources to ramp it up as big as it needs to be. But stuff like this always helps! Thanks for the question!

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Thanks for reaching out! To be honest, we're not sure how the university-specific books will affect our usage. We just launched in January, so we don't have a lot to compare to.

One thing we are looking to do is get access to other sites like Amazon, Chegg, Barnes and Noble (who own most U.S. school bookstores) so that if a search doesn't return any results from our users, we can show them some other options. Hopefully this would help make our app more attractive for people in that situation.

As far as a website goes, we think that would be really cool! Ultimately, the more ways students can connect through our service the better it is for everyone.

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The sooner we can get books listed the better, and that's a great idea! We have some plans to spread word around campus: visiting various student organizations, branching out over other digital media platforms, etc.

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Thanks for the questions!

  1. We have not started developing an Android/Web version yet - but if the app gets some traction then we definitely will!

  2. Making money off the app is not our priority - we just want to save students money. We do hope to add an in-app payment system eventually, among other things. For now we're just trying to build our user base.

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