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I haven't read or heard much about this fight so forgive me if this has been covered already.

Is there any chance that the 'rights of nature' idea can help?

Invisible Hand is a recent documentary that covered the subject, and their website has collected successful examples from around the world.


Also, thank you for the work you do.

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I think there's a few ongoing (read, happening now) PA legal battles surrounding rights of nature that feature prominently in that doc.

On the website they've linked a few PA townships and organizations that are currently fighting (and winning, sometimes) legal battles regarding rights of nature.

The Seneca Nation, is doing massive work for the Ohiyo (Allegheny)

Grant Township

Elizabeth Township

And as to your last point, I think that's the idea. EPA frequently doesn't do what is necessary to protect the environment long term. So, rights of nature was the legal solution to stop government sanctioned acts of pollution.

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With your significant experience on the "front line", what would you say is the best way for a person living in the first world can help the people of conflict ridden areas?