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Shouldn’t you be asking the questions?

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If gender is a fluid social construct, how can a person be born the wrong gender?

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Sure. And my point is by that logic everyone is transitive in regards to how much money they have or want. So ultimately I’m questioning if transgender should even be a category, because it seems to me that the way gender is defined, everyone is technically transgender to some degree. Which I would argue makes it not really a thing and it’s really all just about individuality.

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Any chance stem cell treatment will be approved by the FDA any time soon?

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Thank you for the response. I always hear people who have had stem cell treatment raving about it, but obviously it's pretty expensive right now since insurance won't touch it.

Do you have an personal experience with stem cell research? And do you have high hopes for it, or do you think it's being misrepresented as a highly effective treatment option?