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Did you get surgery or stents? I'd be surprised if they didnt at least attempt stenting.

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Ah. Yea saw that comment further down. I remember watching cath try to stent a guy and they couldnt get him stented. Unfortunately the hospital couldnt do open heart so he got sent out on ecmo.

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I woke up from anesthesia after 7 hours of surgery and they forgot to give me pain meds. I remember literally seeing red. Even in my memory it was like I was wearing dark red tinted glasses and I kept passing out. When I was awake I was asking for my husband. He said he remembers the nurse drawing up syringe after syringe and giving them in my IV. At some point I lost consciousness for a while and woke up feeling more normal. That shit is terrifying. Sorry you went through that too.

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Fyi... not to add to your panic but you can have a normal BP and be having a heart attack.

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Look for symptoms that dont go away. Also if you're tachycardic (fast pulse) tends to be anxiety as heart attacks generally dont cause tachycardia. Guided meditation does wonders for calming me down when needed. If your symptoms resolve once you calm down it's not a heart attack.

Sorry! I just didnt want you to have a normal pressure and crushing chest pain and be like... well it cant be a heart attack!