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Have you noticed any changes in radio or dealing with publishers nowadays?

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Hello, Mr. Sperling

Corporate tax rates in America are said to be high relative to the world at 35%, though the real rate is very competitive at around 13%. Why not close corporate loopholes and lower the rate, but even lower then that effective rate. Most econmists agree the corporate tax is a hamper to the economy. Lower corporate tax rates allow business to reinvent into their business, and that is especially true for small business who don't have the lobby power or accountants to get the lower effective rate. With higher capital gains, dividends and taxes for the rich caused by ACA and the Fiscal Cliff agreement, why not wait to tax a business when it takes money OUT of the business.

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P.S. Can I give you my resume to pass around the DC economic policy circles?

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Except you guys don't really do employer coverage?

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Fire and Rain... are elements.

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My friend is an extremely talented player. He comes between 1st and 7th literally every single 60ish man tournament he enters, usually finishing in the money in AC (Maybe 15 times). However, he lives 2:30 hours away and only gets down there every couple months. He's good online, but that's not his forté. Any advice how to make the transition to playing more and how for him to improve his play?

PS: I don't play as much personally as I used to during my teen years, but you are my poker idol and thank you for your time.