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I'll be surprised if you get an answer here. I went from being interested and somewhere sympathetic to OP, to downright concerned and realizing he needs much more mental help than he's currently getting. While I personally get plenty of joy out of putting MAGA on blast for it's stupidity, OPs unwillingness to see how he's part of the problem here and lack of responsibility is infuriating.

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Guys, we really just want to talk about Rampart here.

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because it is extremely tough to say anything new on the subject without expertise.

So what you're saying is, we should start having standards for AMAs. Crazy idea.

Edit. I just read through the entire AMA for all 10 of her responses and how is anyone taking this seriously.
90% of these responses could be summed up by saying, "maybe, someday." How insightful of her, she's got some bold predictions here.

I would expect this same quality of porn/tech industry journalism from a 15 year old Male who just got granted 48 hours of internet access for the first time in his life.

Fucking trash.

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This. I'm constantly floored by the moronic ideas in SV that get funded.

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They're data "experts" guys.... they clearly know what they're doing when she ignores confirmation bias, gender, qualification questions, demographics, sexual orientation, control populations, self selection bias, etc.