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So he went from doing it on his own to being a paid landlord/caretaker.

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My grandpop shot Nazis in the war. It's nice to hear that people still care. :D

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re symptoms: kaiser told me if you've got cold or flu-like symptoms with a fever, call them and ask if you meet the criteria to be tested.

I have allergies, and I called and asked (mostly bc my roommates were annoying me), and the key reason I didn't need to be tested was that I didn't have a fever, and I haven't left the house in 6 weeks. FWIW.

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No, it's not better. 90% of the content is 1 star trash. You have like 5 decent shows and maybe 10 good movies every month.

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big tech is still open and hiring at least on a temp/contract basis - google, facebook, gaming companies. a lot of them have seattle offices or allow WFH.