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that's why i would suggest a 100$ discount when you buy both at once.

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Why aren't you implementing WebRTC ?

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What would make the surface pro 3 perfect for every utilisations would be an external GPU to put on the desktop. With that i could replace my laptop, my tablet and my desktop by a single device, the surface pro 3. Have you ever considered it ?

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Is the Surface 3 ready for Windows Hello? Will the Surface pro 4 be ?

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Can i have a free Internet explorer ? wait that's not a surface AMA.

Will internet explorer be ported on Android or iOS ? Microsoft has low market share with windows phone and because of that IE mobile has also low market share. Microsoft seems to want all its services to be available everywhere (see office on ipad) IE for Android would be logical.

Will you continue to improve your own engine or "surrender" to webkit ?