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NotARealUnicorn19 karma

How do you encourage people when they say that their vote doesn't matter? It's usually from a place of cynicism and lack of faith in the system, or the sense that a single vote won't make a difference. It's hard for me to find the words to urge them to vote regardless.

Related, what are your thoughts on the role of the electoral college, and how do you rationalize it to those who see it as a justification to not vote? Recent elections where the winner did not have the majority of the popular vote have not helped this case, and to be honest, it discourages me as well, feeling like the power is not in the hands of the people.

NotARealUnicorn5 karma

I think making it a holiday would make it easier for people who's only obstacle is inconvenience. Thinking voting is important doesn't make your vote more or less important. If someone who works late and doesn't like getting up early now has the day off, perhaps they will go to the beach. Or perhaps they will vote. Or both. Anyone who already cared likely still will, with the addition of some of those who didn't bother before.

It helps that having election day off will never make a three-day weekend.