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Why did the Media share a fake picture of his dead body?

PS: I'm not into conspiracy theories, I'm sure the man is very likely dead and was indeed killed by US soldiers. It just that little detail that bugs me.

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I've read it in an article in Science&Vie (a french scientific magazine) back when it happened, where someone ran the picture through idk which analysis method and concluded it was fabricated. I'd post the article if I still had it

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Update : so i did a quick run through my old magazines but couldn't find the one (paper copy, and it was in French anyway), but a quick google search yielded these two articles from back then that more or less state the same but with more context.



I find it interesting because i remember that picture became iconic for a while and no other pictures (real or otherwise) confirming the event were as widespread, if at all.

Either way, the man was a dark chapter in the world's history, with all his complexity, a serious reading into his life away from the glorification of some and vilification of others needs to be done if we hope to ever understand the phenomena associated with him. Best of luck to you guys.