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Government has removed Articles 370 and 35A, which basically stood for rules that Kashmiri people get to decide who is a citizen, and any land of Kashmir could be bought by a Kashmiri citizen only.

You see, the people of Kashmir already wanted freedom from India by establishing Kashmir as an independent state, and now that this has happened, it means that India is further expressing force.

Before the article was revoked, a complete communication blackout was exerted by the Indian Govt., so that the people wouldn't even get to know that their land will be up for purchase. There have been riots in Kashmir, and the Indian media (which are all sellouts) denied any occurrence of disturbances in the region. Videos of riots have been leaked showing that the media lied.

Here's an article from the worldnews subreddit to give you some insight

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You see, this is what the people of Kashmir want. To be left alone.

You'll see Indians making arguments that "Kashmir is an integral part of India yada yada yada" and Pakistan providing arms. But nobody will listen to the people, because the actual news of manslaughter doesn't make it outside the state border.

And why would they give it up? They're both fighting for land, and all they care about is land. Fuck the people, right?

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My opinion is that two countries are just fighting for a piece of fucking land (because they want the resources) instead of leaving us alone. That's petty.

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Exodus. Yes. I was waiting for this question. It happened before I was born, and I've heard so much about it. It's one of the "tainted histories" of Kashmir, because if we're fighting for human rights, we better take a look at the past to see how big of a fucked up thing extremism can become.

Edit: For people saying I didn't answer the question - I obviously don't condone it. It was fucked up, what happened. I'm looking at other comments are people are telling me that I don't have an opinion about it?! I have an opinion, and I'm expressing it here!

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Kashmir has enough fresh water resources. I made sure to fill my bottles before leaving. /s