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I'm chronically ill, obese, and on a boatload of drugs for psoriatic arthritis, depression, chronic pain, and other stuff and nonsense, but my kidneys are (so far) healthy. I could probably feel about the same as I do right now if I gave up one of them. They probably wouldn't let someone like me donate even if it was the only option to be found in time?

Edit: it might be very useful if you or someone could clarify the requirements to donate?

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Gosh, thank you. I hadn't thought of it that way. It does matter to me what happens to other people who will still have to live in this world after I'm gone. :)

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I've been suicidal off and on since second grade. It almost seems to be a bad habit, a thought pattern I fall into when my discontentment reaches a certain level. My attempts were obviously not successful. I wouldn't fail if I attempted again. I've been in therapy for three years now and on mirtazapine, venlafaxine, and trazodone. Is SI this persistent something I should just accept as part of me, or could I really expect to stop feeling this way? I had a dream of swimming out into a dark, stormy sea and it felt so peaceful. Am I wrong to long for that feeling of escaping the physical pain, disappointment, loneliness, and boredom I feel in my life?

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I have a boring life. Should I care about this issue? In my fifties and disabled. Not likely to reach my 70s.

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I tried to drown myself at 8. If I had known about using a weight, I would have succeeded. How could a kid the same age be that innocent today? Get a therapist for both kids and TALK a lot. Avoid inpatient care like the plague. That's just my opinion based on horrific experiences getting inpatient treatment as an adult.