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The Nord thru the Strymon is a nice touch, not something I would've thought of. Thanks for getting back to me!

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It's not that uncommon. I lurked reddit for a solid three years before making one. I have friends who lurk but don't have an account and probably never will. The only reason I'm even interacting in this at all is because it irritates me to see the tinfoil hat committee try to shit on anything they can but more so when it's a smaller artist who's music I really enjoy.

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Don't be surprised they have a lot of fans on the net. I found them via reddit a while back on /r/listentothis and was hooked. I don't recall having seen them coming to my city so the net is where I get all my news on them. I've downvoted you and several others for the conspiritard groupthink you are perpetuating just because I get tired of seeing it every where I go on this site. I'm not some croney working for them but I'm sure you think so by now. Confirmation bias is a bitch for some of you it appears..

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Your music is great and I'm a big fan. As a guitarist and gear dork, would you mind breaking down what gear you make use of on tour?

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To you maybe not. To me it doesn't. That doesn't mean there's not some shut in out there doing it for shits'n'giggles. It's almost like the majority of you guys have never spent time on youtube, let alone reddit.