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Thank you for your time this evening. Can you briefly share your thoughts on the Impeachment and the GOPs decision to not hear evidence, despite such? Additionally, based on the Mueller Report’s 10 cases of obstruction of justice noted, and the fact that indictment was withheld based on a “longstanding rule”, would you like to see Trump indicted for his crimes as President? Thank you for your service.

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Hi, I’m so pleased you jumped back on to answer questions. I noticed I posted 13 min after you signed off last night. I was drawn in to reading the comments and responses and in that 20 min, you signed off. Thanks again for your response. My only concern is this may set a precedent that the crimes committed in the White House are “freebies”, if you will. Trump has been committing crimes for decades; we need to set a precedent that crimes in the White House will not go unpunished. I feel it’s dangerous to not set this standard. Thank you again!

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Are you invested in the market and if so, do you hold any Tesla stock?