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Years and years ago my wife and I both became unhinged during an argument and were yelling back and forth to the point that the original argument is lost. We were stuck yelling at each other for yelling at each other. Something clicked in me and I decided that I just needed to vent to release my emotional state. I stormed out of the room and came back with a super soaker and doused my anger in high psi h2onetsy. The look on her face was aghast as she was soaked. Before she had time to rally and become more enraged I put the soaker in her hand and told her to now shoot me. She resisted at first but I was persistent. When she finally did all I could do is watch a sliver of a smile creep onto her face as I became drenched. It was the oddest way to end a stupid overheated argument and hasnt happened since but boy was it effective and in retrospect, hilarious.

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wear brown pants.

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I read your first sentence as 'math is based on a flawed penis'. twas funny.

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How is the opioid epidemic playing out in other countries? Are other Nations suffering the same Opioid epidemic that the USA is?

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I read some of your thoughts on learning. Is there anything in the works for children in school to get introduced to different learning approaches? My son attended a summer program that was focused on STEM, I was hugely excited but on seeing the end results I was not impressed.