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How has your life changed now that you’ve started campaigning? Good Luck! I’m rooting for you :D

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Thanks Tom for doing this AMA! Glad you where able to get this organized! I love the work that has come out of MAD and really appreciate the opportunity to ask a MAD artist some questions.

  • How does your process work for when you start creating a new parody/spoof piece? Have you ever run into a creative block during your process?

  • Are there any pieces you did for MAD that did not get published? Any favorites you wish would have been seen published in an issue?

  • Where you ever stumped on how to start a caricature of a character/creature?

  • Outside of your work for MAD, is there another project that you enjoyed working on that you would be willing to share?

  • In your CLAPTRAP introduction video we can see your office/studio space, how long did it take to cultivate all the various pieces displayed in there? Any notable pieces that stand out the most or have a close place in your heart?

Thanks again and best of look with CLAPTRAP and your future endeavors!!!

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Yes! I am the mod on /r/madmagazine subreddit! Thank you again for doing this and for answering my questions as well as everyone else's!!!

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What important life takeaways did you have after leaving the Yang campaign? Any new insights on life after taking on such a big task?

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Congrats on the endorsement today!
I asked this question in your last AMA 2 months ago and I want to know how it has changed since then during this unprecedented time - How has your life changed now that you’ve started campaigning?