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Is this a Jonny Kim reference?

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Did skiing on the east coast during high school affect your technique at all?

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Hi Brian, I am a 23 year old mechanical engineer currently working at a HVAC design firm and it sucks. I've always wanted to work in NASCAR, and I have experience in SCCA Pro F2000 as well as FSAE but I haven't been able to find full time work in NASCAR yet. I would love to work for MWR.

My mechanic friend knows Rob Kaufmanns brother Rod (their dogs go to doggie daycare together) and I just gave him my resume yesterday to pass along.

So, can you put in a good word for Nick with the boss man?

Good luck the rest of the season!

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Are there any private sector jobs that do terrorism investigations/counterterrorism? I am interested in the field but federal ad local LE opportunities are few and far between.