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Great to see another host family/exchange kid relationship continuing post-program. We hosted three Germans (but 10 students overall).

One of our German sons visits with us in the USA every other year, we'll see him in October! Other than this surgery, have you all been able to visit over the years?

Hope you BOTH recover well!

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Or really, any social media refusing to.

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Yeah, but it's pretty damn clear that drinking Ivermectin horse dewormer and betadine is not a preventative, nor a cure for Covid. Not to mention, toxic to boot.

Leaving that sort of shit up on social media is literally going to kill people.

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Thank you for hosting this important chat. We appreciate your time and knowledge.

I'm a 48 year old woman with primary RA, secondary Sjogrens. I'm currently experiencing Thumb Arthritis on my right hand as the worst daily problem of my RA and basically, when I'm awake I'm wearing the prescription support my rheumatologist prescribed for me and compression gloves at night due to pain, swelling, etc. I'm already on methotrexate and plaquenil, with Diclofenac that I try to use sparingly.

Unfortunately, I do need to type for my work. I've switched mousing to my left hand, scrolling on tablet, as well. I've switched to part-time, as well.

What else can I do to mitigate this? Living in a hand support doesn't seem like a very proactive way to handle this and I'm willing to try just about anything, as I do need my hand. Thoughts?

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The active ingredient in Voltaren gel is Diclofenac and I already use Diclofenac gel (the generic).