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I grew up despising you. My mom and stepfather were huge fans and I was a 12 year old kid who listened to too much metal. I was so tired of your music and it was all they listened to. Time, Love and Tenderness was the bane of my preteen years.

Fast forward to 9/11/01. You were scheduled to perform in Woodlands, Tx the week of. That evening in Houston, the city held a candlelight vigil downtown. You came and sang Put a Little Love in Your Heart. I thought it was one of the most awesome things you could have done for a small piece of a nation in shock. Since then I have held you in complete badass status in my head and have nothing but respect for you. Not a question, just an anecdote I have and rarely have reason to share.

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Tip out there to anyone thinking of doing this: Its really easy to lose a leg hopping trains. Never try to catch out on a moving train.

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Crush up the ramen and doritos. Put that into the doritos bag with red pepper flakes. Add water until you see the water line in the mixture. Shake that shit up then drain the water. Flatten out the bag and knead it like dough. Roll up the bag and wait about 30 minutes. Eat burrito with mild sauce.

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Autobiography of a hobo in the early 1900s. Recounts experiences in jails, burglary and safe cracking among being a hobo.

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Im sure youve read You Cant Win. The lumber car story is fucking insane.