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I've heard it called the roni.

Which makes me think of macaroni. While amusing makes me think they got food poisoning instead.

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I'd find it a little amusing if Rona the company tried to change their name or actively created a "please don't call it Rona" campaign.

I know people have posted a lot of memes about people not buying corona because they think it's because people are dumb, I largely think corona isn't being bought because like, for years people have been dunking on Corona. Like pre-epidemic I haven't heard anyone say positive things about corona.

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Wait, how did he never leave the states on a supply ship?

Was he like a supply ship that only navigated the coast\rivers\domestically? Like a Mississippi riverboat or other big River?

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I am! :)

That does sound quite amusing as a picture.

And yes, though here in Ontario they are still able to remain open as they fall into the "essential" category.

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Ahhhhhh. I see.