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NoahMendell1916 karma

How do you like and dislike to be approached by fans, if at all?

If I were to ever meet you, I would love to say hi, but I would hate to offend or overwhelm you because you are a person, just like all of us.

Been a fan for a long time and I think Eighth Grade is absolutely moving and inspirational, just the same as everything you've done before. As a songwriter myself, you have my undying respect as an artist.

NoahMendell32 karma

Hey Watsky. My name is Noah. I'm a singer-songwriter from Philadelphia. You probably don't remember me, but we met at the M&G in Philly for All You Can Do. I've been performing for a few years, and I have recently started to record some of my pieces in a local studio.

Do you have any advice/golden rules for live shows? What about for recording in a studio?

Essentially, what principles do you live by when it comes to making music?

You are without a doubt my favorite artist of all time. Thank you so much for the inspiration. I look forward to seeing you on tour. Stay awesome.

EDIT: Thanks also for doing this AMA. It's really awesome for you to be this open to your followers. Much respect.

NoahMendell1 karma

Thanks so much! That means a lot to hear!

Also, if you feel like it, could you tell us the full story of Exquisite Corpses? Or is it best I listen to it a few hundred more times for the details ;)