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No_poli8 karma

Hey Destin, I hope your still answering questions and I hope you really mean it when you say "ask me anything" because this one isn't going to be an easy one.

I have enjoyed your videos for some time and love each and everyone of them. My question is in regards to your current furlough. I understand that times are tough when things like this happen. I also think it is an amazing idea to use your channel as a means to help your family while you go through this.

On your last video we saw you go to Australia. I know you mentioned that your airfare was paid for, but a trip like that even with airfare covered incurs many other expenses that must come out of your pocket. So here it is; how can I, as your fan, be convinced to sign up for an ad you promote on the basis of going through hard times when I see you go on trips like Australia?

Thank you in advanced and thank you for all your videos. People like you really make the world smarter everyday.... (see what I did there?)

No_poli8 karma

Thank you for your honest answer. I honestly didn't think this would be answered at all. I'm sure I am not the only person that had this question. I also have a family and I also understand things like buckling down right now (also government job), and the wish to take your wife somewhere you've always dreamed of (I also could not take my wife on a honeymoon). I will still watch anything and everything you put out. And when the time comes I will also like to contribute for what you have done for many people wanting to learn something. Again thank you!