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That salary number certainly isn't accurate, by the way. Saying this as another Syrian.

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It had nothing to do with Assad, it was already fine before he came along.

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In his story he clearly said he had only smoked weed before any of this happened. And if you read the comment you replied to, he was saying that drugs is how he dealt with the effects afterwards.

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This is some real shitty shit, sorry man. Have you considered making the lives of those responsible miserable through legal, undetectable means?

You may think I'm joking, but people will destroy their own lives if you create the right circumstances.

It seems you're doing more than most as it is, but if you are truly so affected by it, why not make it the main focus of your life to seek out retribution? You could move there, and plan and spend each and every hour ruining kimball's life, and anyone else involved. Tear down the program from within, without ever having to go back in.

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Are you trying to say that being prone to addiction is reason enough to be sent there?