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You are onto our plan, saw straight through it HAHA :)! We will be calling it work from home 100%. Don’t think we will get overtime for the 10+ hours a day of hiking though, haven’t figured that one out. But actually we are really excited about the research aspect, our team has Rubbish a startup focused on trash data collection, The Moore Institute for Plastic Pollution Research, a nonprofit research institute focused on trash research and is growing every day.

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Big questions are where is most of the trash (this will help us prioritize future cleanups and mitigation), what types of trash is there (will help us figure out how to better educate people and identify alternatives to the products), how much trash (help us identify the scope of the problem and assess costs to the environment).

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I expect to spend at least 150 days on trail! Definitely going to bring a tent

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It would be awesome if we can get lots of other hikers logging and tracking trash with us. We want to use this data to build an anti-trash movement and get people trash talking!

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How much toilet paper do you pack for a 2650 mile hike?!

None if you use the backcountry bidet: https://andrewskurka.com/pooping-in-the-outdoors-part-4-the-backcountry-bidet/