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NoSyte1 karma

GREAT AMA! I'm just curious about your process of forging the Fake IDs. Is it something you could do at home (living with law abiding parents) with limited resources? Or did your method involve specialised materials? (magnetic strips, synthetic paper, etc.) Basically, a run down on how you make a quality ID back in the day, and perhaps how you would do it today. This information isn't for me to try and forge one, more so just to feed the curiosity. As I am turning 18 in 6 months (legal drinking age here in Australia) and can just scab drinks off mates until then :p

Here are some fairly detailed instructions on how the internet says i should do it. What do you think of it? http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Fake-ID

tl;dr How did you make the IDs yo?