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The greatest challenge is to not be demotivated when running into problems and to be persistent and flexible. Learning how to code for me was challenging and many times required me to force myself to look at problems I was stuck on no matter daunting they seemed

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Overall in coding I remember struggling with

  • Implementing and updating libraries to use with my application
  • Learning about filesystems

Steps was the first application that i created that required a backend server. So there were a of roadblocks

  • Learning how to connect a backend server to the frontend application
  • Implementing authentication
  • Figuring out how to make application data flow properly and be responsive
  • Working with databases and designing a structure that was scalable
  • General design and look of the application (as I am still a beginner designer)

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you son of a bitch, im in

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I think that as long as people are providing useful information and something new thats it's fine.

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Before No Zero Days I didn't have any real projects or hobbies, except playing a lot of video games. When I started No Zero Days, I was working a regular desk job doing general work for a small startup. Everyday day at my job was pretty much the same and I quickly lost my initial motivation to do that job. When I eventually quit, I continued to code every as I liked the progress that I saw I was making and believed that teaching myself to code was valuable