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As a parent I can tell you that any disappointment he might have felt was so much smaller and unimportant to him than how much he loved you. Often our kids think we're disappointed when what we're really feeling is concern and it's hard to communicate openly about that from both sides. I'd bet dollars to donuts that he was more worried out of love than disappointed out of disapproval.

Being there with him was an act of love and comfort I'm sure he appreciated deeply. I have had some very frightening medical emergencies and when everything else was totally terrifying, having my husband holding my hand made me feel so much better.

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How has the recent pull back or censoring of science in federally funded agencies and institutions affected your job and the museum?

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Also meant that none of their other abusers got held to justice.

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My dear friend had to move out of state to finish her hours and even then only some of the hours she worked as a social worker counted so it took forever. She ended up staying and living there for 10 years. So not only could she not get licensed here because of the rules, the state lost an excellent, insightful, desperately needed therapist (and tax payer).