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Do you believe that cats from different countries have different cultures? So many of the things I have seen written about cats don't apply to mine that I have to wonder.

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I live in Central America and just the weather makes their behavior "different." Instead of seeking the sun or snuggling down in the bedcovers, they mostly sleep on the ceramic tile floor (cool). They also sleep a lot on their back which, I assume, cools their bellies. They don't care for boxes. They don't have beds, preferring to have a variety of sleeping places: tile floor, bench on the porch, my bed, top of the washing machine, etc.

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Obviously, ceramic tile floors are common in tropical areas! Cool and easy to clean. Because of the heat, cats here like to sleep on the ceramic tile to keep cool. Difference in temperature/weather can make a big difference in the way cats act. In fact, my cats sleep most of the day and then are active outside at night.

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Actually, the best solution to problems anywhere is empowering local people.

I love what you are doing, damienmander, and hope that others will use you as an example and turn from war-related activities to peace-related activities. Thank you!!!

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I live in a Central American country where English teachers are a dime a dozen. Many people seem to think that getting certified ESL opens some magic door, but in my country, it is difficult to get a work permit to teach English. The guiding principle for the law is that you must have a skill that no local person has. So it's pretty strict.

Glad to know you have not had a difficult time in getting a legal status for work in other countries, but your statement about teaching English pretty much always means you can get a visa is not totally valid.