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Have you considered adding email notification settings like how it's done by non-charity sites/services?

E.g. For Steam (an online game store) I can go to their site and in my email settings there I am given a bunch of options (via checkboxes) so I can customize the type and frequency of email notifications I will be sent... such as "when an item on my wishlist is on sale send me a notification email". Facebook also has similar notification settings.

In your case, it certainly sounds like some people clearly want a "only send me emails for impending critical issues/votes" option or something similar.

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Not really.. some of us came here straight from Slashdot.

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Holy shit, you weren't lying... I used to work in data recovery/computer forensics and didn't, until this very moment, make the connection between Kroll Ontrack (largest worldwide firm in that business) and Nick Kroll.

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context - part 1 part 2