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I am not OP but I have a little knowledge about this. The best way to get rid of the heat that I have found is: eating a little bit of salt. Hot sauces, and well everything containing chilli, have this ingredient called capsaicin, which causes the burning sensation. When Salt is mixed with it, the salt reacts with this chemical and neutralizes the capsaicin, thus getting rid of the heat. Hope that was helpful.

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As far as I know, sugar doesn't react with capsaicin. Rather, it binds to the pain receptors in the mouth and thus prevents capsaicin from creating that burning sensation. High fat foods also seem to do the same.

Although, capsaicin is alcohol soluble so having a few sips might also help.

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Maybe we could get the guys on /r/StonerEngineering to help us with that, I have heard they are pretty good at making unconventional stuff.

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The Narmada bachao andolan that was against raising the level of the dam ?

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How are the Nokia Lumia's performing there? I remember Nokia hyping up their phones for mission 31