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Followup - Artificial sweeteners are known to kill gut bacteria - does this help with hunger cravings?

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Ever had a broken bone? Can you swim, like do you have less buoyancy than regular people?

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It that the one where you have to take some meds(fligrastim) and your stem cell count increases? Then they filter out the stench cells and those are donated. If yes - what did you notice when/after you took those meds?

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I don't consume Russian media, how is it? Movies, music, news, etc

Is it full of propaganda and obvious lies?

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1 Question:

Do you think that lucid dreaming interferes with your recovery from sleeping? Dreamy nights often leave me tired the whole next day.

2 Next question:

Do your dreams get better based on what you are doing that day? Like playing/reading/watching a fantasy game/book/movie?

3 Next question:

Before sleeping I can invoke hallucinations and listen to sound within my head. I don't see all around, in my field of vision near the middle a bit to the left and down side I have an area in which I can perfectly see some vivid things and I can also chose how to go on, last time I sled down some lava path because I wanted to.

These things feel and look differently than memories or imaginations but they also are no dreams since I am widely awake, years ago I did much on lucid dreaming and I was pretty good at it. I stopped when I came to the conclusion that normal dreams were better, I kept the stuff that made recalling them easier but I dropped trying to control them.

I can only do that shortly before going to sleep, my guess is that hormones are helping me with my imagination powers. Have you any experience on that? Am I misinterpreting things and those are mostly day dreams?