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Nitro_Pengiun125 karma

I emailed both of my state's Senators (Lindsay Graham and Tim Scott) and my Congressional Representative (James Clyburn) about net neutrality around a month ago. I specifically asked for a response from all three addressing their plans for voting on the issue. The only one I actually got a response from was Senator Scott, who was very dismissive of my viewpoint (which is the same viewpoint of most people, not corporations, on the issue).

This brings me to my question. Other than voting these people out of office (which is beyond my control other than casting my vote) how do you actually reach these congressmen? They're supposed to be representing the people in their state and district, but it seems more like they just represent themselves, without considering the views of the people they represent (other than whichever lobby is padding their pockets). A lot of people are too bothered to vote any other way than the status quo, so the likelihood of them being removed from office is slim to none. They almost get a lifetime appointment to Congress unless they get caught in some sort of scandal. With no guarantee they've actually seen my email (and Senator Graham's admission that he's never sent an email in his life), how can my views and the views of the people in the state get heard by these representatives on Capitol Hill?