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Quick question, is that just a joke, or do people actually do that to avoid service? There's an article about pre-teen Israelis tweeting some pretty awful things. I hope this is just a small minority of horribly bigoted people.

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Some people see blood types in a similar way to horoscopes.

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There's some bitterness between IT and healthcare workers (such as nurses and doctors) about EHRs. IT believe that doctors and nurses are too damn stubborn to learn how to use the technology, doctors say that the new systems interrupt work flow that they were used to when they were on paper charts.

So specifically from the IT side, what are the most common problems that to you doctors seem to have? I know your AMA is about patient information and HIPAA, but I'm also interested in other areas, such as usablitity of EHRs.

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What is going on here?

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What is going on here?