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What was the general sentiment of the population towards Hitler while she lived there?

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Thanks for the reply. I just imagined it was something you would avoid talking about, at least that was my family's experience with the dictatorship that affected my home country.

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That's why I'm asking about while she was there. But my personal experience tells me that most people just keep their heads down and try to move on with their lives so that their families are safe while that stuff is going on - my father tells me stories about the dictatorship in Brazil, no one said a word in fear of being persecuted (and that was nowhere near the same situation as OP's).

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I don’t know what had changed since 2014 (when I got my PR), but what I tried to do was to make the officer who’s going to review my case life’s easier: clear answers to everything, organized, properly labeled documentation. Because I submitted my documents printed, I made an index, sections and numbering (even though everything was loose or just paper clipped, it was stacked in order). I figure it didn’t hurt not to send an annoying, hard to decipher case for the poor person who was going to work on it.

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She said soap and water, to be fair. I’m washing everything and removing the outer packaging when possible (keeping just the bag of cereal and not the box, washing eggs and putting them in a new container, etc).