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What are your thoughts on celebrating Lief Erikson Day instead of Columbus Day?

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Hey Sorry! I'm a little late to the party! but I hope you're still answering questions. The Idea of playing microtones on a fretted instrument really intrigued me, and at first I thought that this would be achieved with careful string bending, as commonly seen in blues and rock and roll music. But in the context of both of those genres It's typically used for improvisation and vibrato purposes. not as much for targeting specific "Quarter Steps" on the scale. You discussed briefly that you play on a guitar with adjustable frets I'm assuming that's what I'm looking at in this video of you playing in 2017.

What is the process and that thought that goes into setting up the frets on the neck like this? Is it set up with a particular key signature or song in mind? And does it require a special tool to adjust? The fret arrangement at the higher register more towards the body seems particularly fascinating.

And one more question if you don't mind, as a doctorate student in guitar, what are some of the most bizarre instruments you've had the chance to play? Ever play anything like Pat Metheny's Picasso Guitars or something of this sort?

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I don't study music. I'm an animation student at Utah Valley University, But I took private guitar lessons for 10 years. Mostly rock and Jazz. I have a lot of respect for those who can sight read Spanish flamenco and other complicated genres, but I tend to rely a little too much on tablature and chord charts for my own playing.