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October 19th is the best date....in here points to heart

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haha glad another human being got the reference, have an upvote

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Dear Ran, I don't know if you remember but a couple weeks ago I emailed you about a Forever Famicom hat that hadn't arrived and you were very nice in helping it get to me. I want to thank for that, it is very rare that when dealing with customer service that you get someone who cares about your happiness so deeply. So thanks. Secondly, my question is: How long do you take between projects, you seem to be pumping them out very quickly recently. Do you often work on more than one at a time?


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Hey Dan, just wanted to thank you for getting me as into Liquid as I am now. While S.P.Y. introduced me to the genre it was your song Breathless that made me fall in love.

I love all music and as an aspiring producer I sometimes think that hinders me because of instead of focusing on getting really good at one particular genre, I get somewhat proficient at a bunch of different ones

So my question is what are three things you think I should focus on to make my overall productions better and to help me blend all the styles I love together?