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The weather was a constant variable - because we really were outside in an actual Teletubbyland rather than CGI. One year we had torrential rain and the dome flooded!

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I’ve never met the sun baby, but I did a radio interview recently and she was a co-guest on the show. I was really disappointed that the presenter did’t allow us to talk to one another.

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Po eh? 🤣 I loved being part of the show - we really were a big happy family. About 44 of us in a field working together to make children smile. I’m really proud of the fact that over six years we four Teletubbies never had a major falling out. I’m still good friends with lots of people from the crew and John Simmit (Dipsy) and I are still in regular contact.

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I know! There were all sorts of ridiculous theories. To be honest, we were all so busy we didn't have time to care - and were a little amazed other people found time to make that stuff up! Of course this may be a double bluff...

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Oh that's lovely to hear. Thank you. It was a wonderful surprise to us that Tubbies seemed to resonate so powerfully with children on the autistic spectrum - and led to a long-lived relationship between Ragdoll (the production company) and various autism charities. Later when I was working in SEN schools, I found quite a lot of older children maintained a close relationship with Teletubbies, finding it a comfort as they tried to deal with puberty for example.