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This guy. Turns up unannounced to an event where nobody had a fucking clue what he was doing there, takes the seat on stage that was set aside for its biggest donor (who had to sit in the audience) just long enough for pictures to be taken and then disappears out the door while everyones scratching their heads and wondering what the hell just happened. Even worse, he attended an impoverished school with a giant cheque for a million dollars leaving kids and parents thinking he's their saviour and then passes them the real one for $200 just before driving off in a limo. What a conniving cunt.

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I absolutely love your podcast, I've never seen it mentioned anywhere on Reddit which is a damn shame because you guys do amazing work. I'm not even American but you tell such brilliant stories and I look forward to every new episode. Have you listened to the latest reply all episode 'pain funnel?' It's disgusting that a programme that was suppose to benefit the ones who needed it the most was so thoroughly abused. I Hope someday all Americans, even those that oppose it in every way will benefit from an NHS type system, where not perfect, means the average citizen doesn't have to worry about their health, and how they'll pay for it on a daily basis.

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What happened to your other ama you did not so long back? I don't see it in your history. Did you get a new account? You were accused of shilling for an empty etsy store front then and massively over inflating yourself. Edit: this is just sad Bro 🙁

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Hey, I'm in the UK and have listened to breakdown from season one. It's great quality and does a great job of explaining your justice system and I just wanted to pass on the message to keep up the good work, even if it's only the podcasts that reach us.

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As it's slighly relevant, check out the recent episose of 'this american life' podcast from about two weeks ago, to hear a more...down to earth review from an astronaut. It's episode 655 for anyone interested.