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Any advice for a couple happily married with a disabled wife who has no desire for sex due to chronic pain? Pretty much all physical movement hurts including sex, and she has no desire any longer because as she describes it "My body is my enemy." With an autoimmune disease, it's pretty accurate.

But, I feel a lot of frustration and she feels a lot of guilt.

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For question 7, I respectfully disagree.

I have a friend who is a counseling psychologist who works for the airlines. He studies stress in pilots, but has also worked with people who have phobias about flying if they are in a job that requires flying.

There are specific strategies a counselor can use to help with fear of flying. See a counselor and they can help.

(As an aside, he related a story when he was doing a "ride along" in a simulator and he was impressed. He said "You can simulate about any issue, huh?" They said yup. "So, you could have a 747 flying straight at us just out of the blue." The pilot said "Yu-"

Then alarms started going off everywhere. The simulator crew heard his comment and put a 747 on a collision course going full out right in their flight path. He said he'd never seen two guys do so many things in such a quick time while cursing him at every opportunity. But, he said it gave him a much better appreciation for the stresses of their job.)

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Do you sometimes make siren sounds when you drive?

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Can you elaborate on this?

As I understand from reading, 3/4ths of whistleblowers lose their employment. Less than 1/4th gain any financial compensation.

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What about protection of a 3rd party? If you witness some guy beating a child, are you to watch or are you allowed to intervene?