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Keanu reeves is so hot right now

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Wait. Was Kelly's last name Smith and you combined them? I had thought you wanted to be a crafter of penises, hence wienerSmith. I wondered how you got Kelly to go along with that reasoning.

This has been an insightful ama

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How do you think Animaniacs would fate in today's children's television market? Everyone passes around the adult humor that was snuck in, but even beyond that, the comedy was often very witty without dumbing down for children.

I watch shows with my nephew from time to time and I just don't see the same quality. Granted, I don't watch every show marketed to 8-12 year olds.

What do you think?

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That makes sense. I've been wondering why you call it a votey for years. Thank you for satisfying this mild itch.

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Well, they've already done fallout. I hope they do again with the new engine in 4