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Very, very interesting. I had never thought about this.

Would there be "insurance" on it - AKA you shoot someone who is attacking you / invading your home, and it's legitimate self-defense, are you reimbursed the money?

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I hear Daniel Radcliffe is up for doing Elijah Wood impersonations, so maybe you can get that one half-crossed off?

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Hi Eliza! Two Happy Endings questions:

Could you share any good/funny behind-the-scenes stories from your time there? Pranks, etc. would be fun to know about.

Secondly - what was your favorite scene to film?

Lastly, and not a question, I loved when you got shocked by security at the airport in Season 3. Your delivery of "You fools! That only makes me stronger!" had me in stitches.

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What was it like to have such a weirdly minor role in Anchorman 2? I remember seeing it and going "YES!" and then finding out that your role was over and thinking "aww..."

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Not sure if it's Victoria who types, but it's Elisha* Cuthbert.

Don't worry - I don't understand the spelling either.