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NicoRath2 karma

You state that you only believe what will fix healthcare is single-payer. Why not take a look at other systems like the Netherlands which uses highly regulated private insurance or Germany and Switzerland which use non-profit funds to provide it (which can offer for-profit plans that are more generous). And how will you pay for it, it would cost 32 trillion over 10 years according to the none partisan Urban Institute, an increase in payroll tax or a broad income tax increase? And what about abortion, if a republican controlled Congress passes another version of the Hyde amendment women would lose access to abortion through their now only healthcare provider and would have to pay everything themselves. And if single-payer is passed why not allow private insurance to provide additional coverage for things the government doesn't cover (or at least doesn't fully cover) like they can Medicare part D for some drug prices? And would you vote against a public opinion plan if it came up for a vote? And would you vote for a single-payer bill that would allow for people to opt-out and buy private insurance which has been suggested by some? I'm asking partially out of curiosity and because you will definitely be asked this