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Some of the most ruthless monopolistic moves Microsoft has made happened under Bill Gates.

I'm all for a bastard that puts out a great product. Not so much a consortium of bastards that just try to force the user into a corner and don't even bring the lube.

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Congress did make substantial edits to Wikipedia - they actually got banned for making so many edits like that but all the news articles about it suggest it was for saying things like Rumsfeld eats babies (which wasn't even among the actual edits when it happened.)

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What's your take on the recent scare campaign from big names over the dangers of A.I.? As a follow-up if you agree with them: Is it just because you see A.I. as slave labor or do you believe something of high intellect would want to harm people?

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What's your take on the Woodward Effect and Woodward's associated experiments?

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You know what? No. I have a mild curiosity for 4chan, but I have not spent a lot of time there, though.

That is incredibly difficult to believe. The pilot episode is essentially 4chan condensed into a TV show without all the shitty anime and stopping just shy of some racism. That said, it looks like a great show.