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In 2005-2007 I was scammed by ITT tech. They took out an illegal loan in my name from sallie mae. I never signed anything, and I never asked for a loan because I was promised that I would not have to make payments on tuition until I was able to get a "guaranteed" job after graduation. I was never able to get a job with my two associates degrees because they did not have accreditation. Not long after I graduated there was apparently a class action lawsuit against them for doing similar. I had no idea about it at the time and was not part of it. In 2018 I guess the loan I had no idea about was sent to the department of education under Betsy Devos and they decided it would be a good idea to start garnishing my wages for an illegal loan I did not take out. Please. This bullshit has ruined my life twice so far. How can I get out of this fraudulent debt? I tried going to lawyers and they all told me there was nothing they could do.

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What was the most expensive, yet least useful piece of gear you brought, and inverse that, what was the cheapest yet most useful gear?

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CBD, good or bad?

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Please I know there are a lot but I got my question in before 2pm. I really need an answer for this. My life and livelihood has been ruined by ITT tech, sallie mae, betsy devos, and the department of education. Any help would be appreciated.

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What is wrong with you that you thought it was ok to fake this bullshit?