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As a 15 year old from Cali, who may or may not be downloading content illegally, do my actions really affect the big corporations?

I see it as: If I do not have plans to ever go buy the movie/see it in theaters, then whats so bad about just clicking download?

I come from a poor family so i don't get an allowance nor would my parents ever pay for me to see me go out see a film. I am some-what an entrepreneur on the internet, I make a decent amount for someone my age (my average weekly profit is around $600-$700, and almost all of that money goes to pay my families bills. I am not happy with my living standards and i'd like to save my money to pay for collage. I cannot afford to go to the movies. I don't understand why it is such a crime to download a $10 movie. If I had the money, I defiantly would pay to see it. Why do the companies have to get their nickers in a twist? I can't see how they would be "losing" a great deal of money if the people that are pirating wouldn't even be out there to pay for the movies? I also can't imagine that it would be such a great los anyways. Most movies i see that are pirated only have maybe 1,000-5,000 downloads.