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How was this funded through the University of Washington with the strict financial sanctions placed on the dprk by the United States?

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Did you feel at any moment as if there were special treatment given to you in order to impress westerners I.e parades, dinners some near facade?

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As a Utahn names of towns/distances can be verified as accurate. Though it is Lehi but pronounced the same (only corrected for those that want to do additional research.)

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But for real Utah has a substantial problem with over diagnosis for addiction. I live in DT SLC and am within walking distance of 3 rehabilitation half way houses. They're advertised on the radio constantly, and some are supported by the church. Here it appears that going home and cracking open a beer after work qualifies you for rehabilitation. The conservative nature of the state has started to treat straying from religious conservative norms as an addiction while rehabilitation facilities take profits from concerned families that just want their relative to confine to what they've deemed the norm.

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Utahn here can verify shittiness of state.