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Q: You indicate in update #1 "We want to add Oculus as our first stretch goal, so at the moment it’s a bit dependent on the Kickstarters success - we'll see!"

I don't see the actual stretch goals defined anywhere. What is the amount of money you need to raise before adding OR support, and is this a for-sure thing? (I've backed this project, chiefly in anticipation of it supporting the Rift.)

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Congrats, though you lost a shit ton of money by only monetizing it now, 24 million views worth of $$$ :D I'm more impressed that YouTube allowed it, because they are notorious for denying monetization for many reasons. I've had several completely original videos denied no matter what proof I had sent.

Best wishes making a 'comeback' and creating new shorts :) If nothing else sticks, at least be happy with the one hit wonder.

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You had to give them your contact information, but didn't have to do much else. It basically creates an Adsense account. However, before they paid anything out I also had to complete a tax form and specify how I want to be paid (e.g. which bank account).

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It's only from the point you monetize the video onward. I had a similar thing happen where one of my old videos approached the one million mark a few years back. Google then wrote inviting me to be a partner for monetization. When I accepted it and put ads on the video they began paying some $ for both ad clicks and views, but only from that point on. That seems pretty fair to me.