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  • 1. Did you have a cell mate, what was he like, did you get along?
  • 2. I'm guessing you had a lot of time to fill how did you use it?
  • 3. Were there some things in prison that were actually how you imagined it?
  • 4. what were the other prisoners like?

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You should look up Streetlight Manifesto if you haven't already they are so great.

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Do you like Ska music Sax Man? Its pretty fun to play.

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What were Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman like at bash at the beach? Also was it a good match in your opinion? I never was able to see it because my parents believed the news too much and wouldn't let me watch it.

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I'm glad that you're healthy and that you overcame such a big obstacle. Did you ever think that there was a chance you would have to have your legs removed, and if so were you a little excited about having metal robo-legs?