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Any ideas on what causes mood changes in puppies?

My puppy is about 6 months old and has some of the gone through a phase where he refuses to leave the downstairs, before he would always come up to my bedroom on the top floor and just bask in the sun while I worked. For some reason now he is always sitting in our TV room. he also has started becoming very scared of noises that never frightened him before. He's a hound retriever mix.

I believe he might be going through a growth spurt based on online sources, but one other thing that's strange is he has stopped devouring his kibble, and now takes his sweet time when eating it. Any ideas?

I think part of it might be this extreme cold we're having in the New England area, he hasn't had his usual exercise.

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Thanks for the reply, is it normal for him to have gone through the fear phase, be totally fine and then re-enter the fear phase? He's right at the 7.5 month Mark actually.

He also seems to have no fear outside it's purely inside. We have a multi-level home and really only hang out in the downstairs TV room area at night.

One of the household members recently left for college and I think that's a big part of it but I want to get him over it.

I put a food trail up to my upstairs room and he refused to follow which was very bizarre as he's very food driven. Thanks for the detailed response

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I am a former heavy smoker cannabis only. I quit mostly six months ago and now only stick with edibles and vapes yet after no smoking joints or vaping for a few weeks I ate an edible for past couple days and have gotten a horrible smokers cough. Is it possible that thc triggers my coughing?